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Noun1.common scoter - a variety of scotercommon scoter - a variety of scoter      
scoter, scooter - large black diving duck of northern parts of the northern hemisphere
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Whooper Swans at RSPB Conwy and on Llanrwst floodwater and a Common Scoter on Abergele's Pentre Mawr lake were all unusual.
Perhaps the biggest bird spectacle in Wales at the moment is a raft of Common Scoter off the coast at Old Colwyn, which at a complete guess totals over 25,000 birds.
Nearly 1,000 red-throated divers spend the winter in Liverpool Bay and more than 50,000 common scoter sea ducks, 58% of Britain''s population, make the bay their home every winter.
Distinguishing characters of the American/East Asian race of Common Scoter.
The coast provides a rich habitat for migratory and breeding sea birds, including common scoter and eider.
You can see the gannets until the end of November and in the winter months there are eider ducks, longtailed ducks, the common scoter and, sometimes, red-throated divers.
The call follows the conviction of two Coventry men who were fined pounds 2,000 each for stealing common scoter and red merganser eggs at Fort William Sheriff's Court, in Scotland, earlier this month.
Offshore, tens of thousands of Common Scoter grouped in a huge "raft" off the Llanddulas coast.
The area of Irish Sea spanning the North Wales coast from the tip of Anglesey up to Lancashire, is home to large colonies of common scoter off the coast at Colwyn Bay in Conwy.
The common scoter, in spite of its name, is classed as a specially protected bird with just 95 breeding pairs in the country.
Paul Sly, 39, and Philip Beard, 40, from Coventry, preyed on the common scoter duck, one of Britain's rarest birds, with only 95 breeding pairs known.
Three American Surf Scoters were also off-shore from Llanddulas amongst a huge raft of 10,000 Common Scoter.