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Noun1.common sunflower - annual sunflower grown for silage and for its seeds which are a source of oilcommon sunflower - annual sunflower grown for silage and for its seeds which are a source of oil; common throughout United States and much of North America
sunflower seed - edible seed of sunflowers; used as food and poultry feed and as a source of oil
helianthus, sunflower - any plant of the genus Helianthus having large flower heads with dark disk florets and showy yellow rays
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The most common sunflower phenotype is a composite flower head that contains a single whorl of large, flattened, yellow ray florets on the outer perimeter and hundreds to over a thousand individual, tubular, disc florets that can produce seeds.
Asteraceae); common sunflower, Ambrosia aptera (DC) (Asteraceae); giant ragweed, Lactuca virose (L.
Structures and functions of oligopeptides were described for violet-flowered petunia Petunia inflata, bell pepper Capsicum annuum, tomato Lycopersicon esculentum, potato Solanum tuberosum, common sunflower Helianthus annuus, cowpea Vigna unguiculata, wheat Triticum kiharae, sorghum Sorghum vulgare, maize Zea mays, Persian tobacco Nicotiana alata, common tobacco Nicotiana tabacum, spinach Spinacia oleracea, Japanese morning glory Pharabitus nil, buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum, dahlia Dahlia merckii, radish Raphanus sativus, rape Brassica napus, rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, and kidney bean Phaseolus vulgaris.
SANTA CLARITA - What experts believed was an extinct flower found this fall along the banks of the Santa Clara River could be a common sunflower found in eastern California and Colorado.
The Pecos sunflower (Helianthus paradoxus) is an annual that looks much like the common sunflower seen along roadsides and other disturbed areas throughout North America.

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