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1. The right to pasture animals on common land.
2. The state of being held in common.


1. (Law) chiefly law
a. the use of something, esp a pasture, in common with others
b. the right to such use
2. (Law) the state of being held in common
3. (Law) something held in common, such as land
4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) another word for commonalty1


(ˈkɒm ə nɪdʒ)

1. the joint use of anything, esp. a pasture.
2. the state of being held in common.
3. something that is so held, as land.
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Noun1.commonage - property held in common
belongings, property, holding - something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
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His politeness for the fair sex has already been hinted at by Miss Rebecca Sharp--in a word, the whole baronetage, peerage, commonage of England, did not contain a more cunning, mean, selfish, foolish, disreputable old man.
Thomas Dillon Redshaw, another tireless shepherd in the wild commonage of contemporary Irish poetry, provides the key to that nearly post-Dolmen era in his meticulous essay "The Dublin Arts Festival, 1970: Capella, The Book of Invasions, and the Original Gallery Books.
Mweelrea is the highest mountain in Connaught and there's lots of commonage.
The Free State MEC for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oupa Khoabane will host a farmer's Imbizo with an objective to outline the Commonage Development Policy.
The town squatted in a bowl beneath desert hills, its scattered lights odd fires stared at from up on Commonage where a rattlesnake could be seen lifting its wedge head from the heat-trail of a white-footed mouse and staring down at the three lakes, Swan in the north, Kalamalka to the south, and Okanagan in the west, the Bluebush hills and mountains hanging above them in a pall.
51) The continental shelf cases presented claims that were, in significant part, novel, since they involved areas previously within the high seas commonage.
The decision to empower traditional authorities to allocate customary land rights to the maximum of 20 hectares in communal areas was arrived at to protect the commonage from being fenced off by a few individuals for their personal and individual use and to protect the commonage from being depleted through over grazing.
The language we use in media interactions encodes indexical socio-cultural information that draws on and reinforces the commonage of the participation framework.
Garran also argued that a system of commonage would not result in equal rights for all, because 'the strong and the cunning always get more than their share, and the weaker are pushed to the wall' (II.
We also thank the many collaborators who have worked with us in The Bahamas, including the Bahamas National Trust, Cape Eleuthera Development Corporation, the Island School, commonage committees on south Eleuthera, and various landowners who have provided us access to their land for our work.
The area was a kind of commonage - an open area - and Dan's cows were maybe going onto the bog and going too far away from the house.
English agricultural areas had for centuries recognized elaborate rights of commonage.