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1. An advocate of communal living.
2. One who is more interested in one's own minority or ethnic group than in society as a whole.
3. One who is deeply concerned about the quality of community life.

com·mu′nal·is′tic adj.
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The IGAD-Plus should not proposed a government of national Unity with multiparty democracy state by entrusting 93% of powers to one party unless we are to pushing for a communalist state in South Sudan indirectly," he said.
Liberal democracy with its Western structured ontology of abstract individualism has been a failure in Africa where communalist ontology subsists.
Green socialism, which I will examine below, represents a growing coalition between accommodating technocentrists and communalist ecocentrists (Figure 1) around variants of sustainable development.
As such, he has been a strong supporter of its communalist (anti-Muslim) agenda.
As free citizens educate themselves in the principles and ethics of this Communalist approach, and free institutions develop increasingly liberatory forms, they exert primarily a rational and moral claim (though LM provides for citizen militias and armed vigilance).
Nehru who usually spoke calmly, peacefully and with international etiquette, spoke losing his composure, 'You are a total communalist.
Curl calls for the US Government to provide a choice for citizens wanting to pursue co-operative and communalist solutions to their economic and social problems by promoting "a bottom-up participatory democracy in the workplace and in communities.
In 1873 a communalist insurrection broke out in the southeast of Spain, and the Spanish squadron stationed at Cartagena fell into the hands of the insurgents.
As I see it, since the 1980s, in both Turkey's secularist and Islamic traditions, a most remarkable bifurcation is taking place between a communalist, conservative and intolerant-of-diversity kind of approach on the one side, and an individualist, liberal, tolerant approach on the other.
If the advocates of a new, more communalist Labour politics cannot come to terms with that powerful liberal tradition, and with the abstract ideals that it enshrined--not just about rights but about 'fairness', 'freedom' and 'justice'--then it won't just be historically misconceived, it will also be historically doomed.
African societies and cultures are fundamentally communalist and as such it is inconceivable for the oral raconteur to create his tales, songs, or poems without his audience playing a vital role, since, often, he must perform before a live audience who deliver their judgment on the performer and the performance in situ.
No doubt the parallels between post-Protestantism and post-Jewishness, and between communalist and dispersionist studies of Protestants and Jews, can be pushed too far.