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 (kə-myo͞o′nəl, kŏm′yə-)
1. Of or relating to a commune.
2. Of or relating to a community.
a. Of, belonging to, or shared by the people of a community; public.
b. Marked by collective ownership and control of goods and property.

[French, from Late Latin commūnālis, from Latin commūnis, common; see common.]

com′mu·nal′i·ty (kŏm′yə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
com·mu′nal·ly adv.


(ˌkɒm yəˈnæl ɪ ti)

1. the state or condition of being communal.
2. a feeling or spirit of cooperation and belonging in a group.
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In the midst of adversity they created something most special - extended families, kinship networks, neighbourliness, and communality.
So I was happy when I came to Wales to see evidence of the India I used to know - in the Valleys, especially, children will very often grow up and end up living in the same street or very close to their parents - that communality is a key factor of the Welsh collective psyche, far more so than in other parts of the UK.
Squared multiplecorrelations are used as communality estimated on the diagonals.
The estimate of communality for each variable measures the proportion of variance of that variable explained by all the other components jointly.
On the first run, one variable, V88 (Environment) was found to be having Communality much lower than the acceptable level of 0.
Communality values, eigen values and factor mobility properties indicate that the concentrations of Fe, Cr influenced by surface water and ground water form a ferrochrome which occurred earlier than Ni, Co in settling ponds.
Her ambivalence between tradition/order and rebellion/independence is achingly evident in Hyder's presentation of this woman who survives the turmoil of more than half a century of Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi communality and discord.
Made, like theirs, from used workingmen's clothes, this artifact is the sole marker of domesticity, femininity, communality, and collectivity in
And for those in the North East, this communality of interest is not just economic but political.
After examining communality of variables, factor loadings, and fit indices, we removed two items and conducted another CFA with the second half of the sample (N = 102).
Everyone knows now what this communality called Europe is about.
We recognize that there is much communality between all verticals' needs and the market hunger for a simple, horizontal enablement platform which can serve as M2M backbone for providing end to end solutions.