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The study of communication, including such fields as semiotics, audiology, and speech pathology.

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Macke clearly ties together all that he has been quoting, questioning, and theorizing in a way that allows the reader to understand how each of the preceding chapters participates in his ultimate goal of inserting humanness into a field where academic and theoretical thinking has taken control, and offering an intelligent and much-needed inaugural study to inspire continual change in communicology today.
Nowadays, we can affirm with historical certainty that semiotics occupies a prominent role at the current epistemological field of communicology, the philosophy of communication.
A communicology lens concerns how work individualities and connections are gendered by macro-level established participants, in addition to how that gendering mechanism becomes communicatively tangible in or opposed by social participants at the level of ordinary habit and interplay.
Phenomenology of communication: Merleau-Ponty's thematics in communicology and semiology.
Past editor of the journal Explorations in Media Ecology, and past-president of the Media Ecology Association, Anton is a fellow of the International Communicology Institute, and currently serves as the vice president of the Institute of General Semantics.
MerleauPonty's thematics in communicology and semiology.
Hee Sun Park, School of Media and Communication, Korea University; Hye Eun Lee, Department of Communicology, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Hye Jeong Choi, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University; Dong Wook Lee, Department of Civil Engineering, Jeju National University; Jiyoung Ahn, Department of Early Childhood Education, Chung-Ang University; Hyunjin Park, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University.
The Hermesian Paradigm: A mythological perspective on ICT based on Rafael Capurro's Angelitics and Vilem Flusser's Communicology.
Es Scholar del International Communicology Institute (ICI) y Secretario General de la Asociacion Mexicana de Estudios de Semiotica Visual y del Espacio (AMESVE).
Williams attempts here to propose new ways of considering music video from the viewpoints of Communicology (which he suggests is the discipline that studies the discourse of human communication, p.
York) and Catt, cofounders of the International Communicology Institute, introduce communicology as a holistic approach applying a synthesis of semiotics and phenomenology to embodied discourse mediated by the perception of cultural signs and codes.