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1. A cylindrical arrangement of insulated metal bars connected to the coils of a direct-current electric motor or generator, providing a unidirectional current from the generator or a reversal of current into the coils of the motor.
2. Mathematics In a commutative or noncommutative group, an element of the form ghg-1h-1 where g and h are elements of the group. If g and h commute, the commutator is the identity element.


1. (Electronics) a device used to reverse the direction of flow of an electric current
2. (Electrical Engineering) the segmented metal cylinder or disc mounted on the armature shaft of an electric motor, generator, etc, used to make electrical contact with the rotating coils and ensure unidirectional current flow


(ˈkɒm yəˌteɪ tər)

a. a device for reversing the direction of a current.
b. (in a DC motor or generator) a ring or disk assembly that works to change the frequency or direction of current in the armature windings.
2. Math. the element equal to the product of two given elements in a group multiplied on the right by the product of the inverses of the elements.
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Noun1.commutator - switch for reversing the direction of an electric currentcommutator - switch for reversing the direction of an electric current
electric switch, electrical switch, switch - control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit
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Dudley wanted to show me the commutator on the exhaust-box or the windscreen, or something, and he was just bending over when Eustace jumped out from nowhere and pinned him.
The recoiler originally used a DC motor but the need to replace the commutator brush gear meant the motor was often in for repair.
Tenders are invited for Commutator For 110V Dc Fixed Type Fan As Per Is: 6680, Having Bore Dia.
The geometry of the brushes, commutator contacts, and rotor windings are such that when power is applied, the polarities of the energized winding and the stator magnet(s) are misaligned, and the rotor will rotate until it is almost aligned with the stator's field magnets.
The commutator subalgebra H' of a semisimple Hopf algebra H was first defined in [1].
Gary Lozowski, a mining technology expert from Morgan Advanced Materials' Electrical Carbon business, introduced state-of the-art carbon brushes and and a new profiler for maximizing commutator and slip ring performance at the Western Mining Electrical Association's 2014 autumn technical conference (WMEA), which took place during November in Tucson.
A number of strict requirements are imposed upon the commutator motors for the manufacturing accuracy and quality of mounts and components, for the electromagnetic characteristics, durability and heat resistance of individual mounts.
As Turdubayev said, the meters have direct connection with the Severelectro commutator.
Remains of an old commutator which at one point generated vital electricity for the slate workings above Dinorwig
I got in touch with The Titanic Commutator, the journal of the US Titanical Society as one of their old issues had carried my grandfather's story.
And also commutator and brush damage sometimes occurs when reversing while it is advanced for forward rotation.
Information about the rotor position supplied by the voltage or by an encoder in the case of commutator motors, for brushless motors, by Hall sensors, or an incremental encoder.