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Noun1.commuter train - a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to anothercommuter train - a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to another
passenger train - a train that carries passengers
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Stockholm City Line is a 6 km-long commuter train tunnel running between Tomteboda and Stockholm South, with two new stations at Odenplan and T-Centralen.
AUTHORITIES were questioning a truck driver last night who was involved in a crash with a commuter train that injured 28 people northwest of Los Angeles.
According to AP, the collision between a commuter train and a long-distance train happened in Rafz, north of Zurich near the German border, at 6.
today revealed its newly designed AT200 commuter train to an audience of 200 rail industry representatives.
WORCESTER -- A man was killed Thursday morning when he was hit by a commuter train on tracks at the end of Frank Street.
A spokesman for the Metro North commuter train line said the incident involved a train headed into the city and one traveling in the opposite direction toward New Haven, Connecticut.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- More than 60 injured in commuter train accident in Connecticut, USA dozens of people were injured Friday in a rail accident in Connecticut that occurred when commuter train derailed and hit the side of another train traveling in the opposite direction, dpa reported.
Summary: CCTV has been released showing the moment a packed commuter train crashed in Buenos Aires killing at least 50 people.
National Transportation Safety Board officials will open the official report on the tragic commuter train crash in Chatsworth next week at the start of a two-day public hearing in Washington, D.
AT LEAST 17 people were killed when a busy commuter train smashed into a freight train in Los Angeles.
A welcome and seminal contribution to Railroading reference collections in general, and Midwestern Commuter Train History in particular, "Chicagoland Commuter Railroads" is especially recommended for academic and community reference collections, as well as the private collections of railroading enthusiasts and history buffs.
The driver of the Reddltch to Four Oaks commuter train was trapped in the wreckage of his cab when the two trains ploughed Into each other near Alvechurch Station.