compact disk player

com´pact disk` play´er

    (kǒm´păkt dĭsk` plā´ẽr) electronic device containing a laser, used to read or play back the data on a compact disk. The term is usually used for the type of device used to play music recordings. That used for data storgage n coputer applications is usually called a CD drive. Called also CD player and informally, CD.
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The store sells eight models ranging in price from $7,500 to $18,900 for the top-of-the line model that features a compact disk player and heated handlebar grips and seat.
Both Nuwa and Venus will allow Chinese electronics firms to combine a web browser, low-end personal computer and video compact disk player in a single set-top box, using a TV set as a monitor.
The tiny laser in a compact disk player or a laser printer generates light from the excitation of electrons in an active layer of a sandwich of semiconducting materials.
High-quality facsimile machines and child seats are a bit more expensive in Tokyo than in the world's four other major cities, but products such as videotape players and compact disk players are cheaper, a government survey showed Monday.
It took videocassette players eight years and compact disk players almost five years to attain similar levels of shipments, Sony said.
A team of researchers has applied this rule of thumb to gallium arsenide, the semiconductor material used in the laser elements in compact disk players.
Conventional semiconductor lasers, widely used in other applications such as lightwave communications and compact disk players, operate at wavelengths from the near-infrared to the visible.
Each ZAP Pack uses a smart microprocessor control system that can power a variety of mobile electronic devices, including handheld PCs, digital cameras, cellular phones, audio, DVD, compact disk players or equivalent, video cameras, laptops and more.
Shipments of portable compact disk players also showed a strong 37.
He and Holonyak expect that companies using laser diodes in compact disk players, telecommunications and other applications will want to use this simpler approach.
Developed for delivery in a variety of file formats, the Richardson Live series can easily be played on most computer systems, portable compact disk players, MP3 players, and Pocket PCs for on-demand sales training and information.
Semiconductor lasers serve as the most compact, inexpensive sources of light available for use in such products as compact disk players and laser printers.

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