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In Section 3, we develop general design criteria for the compander design, based on which we propose a new companding scheme in Section 4.
Our aim is to design the profile and parameters of the compander such that the non-linear distortion has minimal effect on the system's performance for a given amount of PAPR reduction.
Combined with the wideband compander and other elements, the resulting system has a wide range of independent-gain/spectral-tilt combinations, and can therefore deal with the broadest range of signal/noise spectral combinations, without overload or overmodulation.
For a given number of subcarriers, this deviation becomes more pronounced as the constellation size increases and is manifested in the compander output as increased variances of signal attributes, like average signal power and PAPR, around their desired or preset values.
The initial Compander problem prevented a digital connection from Leafax IIId to Leafdesk.
0 transmission protocol, JPEG-compatible image compression on a chip from C-Cube (in place of a Compander for the analog model) and a built-in spooler capable of holding 150 to 200 compressed images (in place of the analog model's add-on Leafspooler).
Al-Mana won the prize at presenting a user guide to significantly increase the efficiency of companders used in the LNG industry.
The contract, won in partnership with Hamworthy Gas Systems, covers next-generation systems for the reliquefaction of LNG on board seven vessels under construction, including 14 nitrogen Atlas Copco companders and 14 boil-off-gas compressors.
The order covers 10 nitrogen companders and 10 boil-off-gas compressors for installation on LNG tankers.
In total, 14 nitrogen Atlas Copco companders (a three-stage nitrogen compressor coupled with an expansion turbine) and 14 boil-off-gas compressors will be delivered during 2008.
Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) of Korea has ordered ten nitrogen companders (a three-stage nitrogen compressor coupled with an expansion turbine) and ten boil-off-gas compressors from Atlas Copco Gas and Process division.
The chip includes complete micron-law and A-Law companders (pin selectable) that are designed to comply with industry specifications ITU-T G.

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