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Characteristic of or behaving as a companion.


1. resembling, appropriate to, or acting as a companion
2. harmoniously suited


(kəmˈpæn yə nɪt)

1. of, by, or like companions.
2. tastefully harmonious or suitable.
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Adj.1.companionate - like a companion; "companionate marriage"; "a companionate dog"
friendly - characteristic of or befitting a friend; "friendly advice"; "a friendly neighborhood"; "the only friendly person here"; "a friendly host and hostess"
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This definition of companionate love most closely defines older African American adults' perceptions of love.
But you, 0 Lord, are a companionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.
It also reflected the growing acceptance of the idea of companionate marriage--that marriage was more than just an economic arrangement for the production of children, but an emotional partnership.
In my Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies classes I use her arguments about the different forms of companionate patriarchy which were in conflict in 19th-century Montreal to illustrate for first-year undergraduates just how complex patriarchy is and how it is always historically specific.
16) Although Godwin and Wollstonecraft quite frequently articulate a somewhat sterile image of rational companionate marriages in their published works, private diaries and correspondence reveal the erotic playfulness and sexual frankness also present in progressive relationships between men and women.
However, for people who make it past this attraction phase, one expects to see the development of a more companionate love, characterized by deepening attachment between the two parties and development of some commitment.
Hatfield and Walster (1978) suggest that a shift from passionate to companionate love occurs when a couple has been in a relationship for between six and 30 months.
Ideas of companionate marriage and the cultivation of an affective self imply masculinities that are more sensitive and less domineering.
In the songs, "discipleship" is less important than "companionship" and "confrontation," and it would probably be helpful--although not necessary here--to translate these three primary colors into more musical language and, then, to combine them into secondary forms of responsiveness: companionate discipleship and confrontational discipleship, etc.
Marco Bone, one of the few characters created by Rukeyser (or at least his name; I do not know if Rukeyser worked from notes about Houdini's manager, though it is well-known that she researched and worked on the play for years), is a companionate character to move the play along.
7) Lindsey and Evans's model mostly addressed the companionate nature emerging in modern marriages, putting a heavy emphasis on open communication between partners and sexual gratification for men and women alike (Mintz and Kellogg 1988, 115).
Men actively pursued three types of relationships: dating and long-term companionate relationships; common-law and legal marriage: and commercial sex, which was sometimes also companionate.