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Research Department figures show that many insurers will not offer a no-claims discount to former company car drivers.
ALMOST half of the UK's female company car drivers have been involved in road-rage incidents in the past 12 months, a survey revealed this week.
com/research/c0e5df/americas_company_c) has announced the addition of the "Americas Company Car Market Database" directory to their offering.
From April this year the amount of taxable income before which the 40% bracket is reached falls from pounds 37,400 to pounds 35,000 and according to CAP this lays the seeds for thousands of company car drivers to lose their child benefit in 2014.
PRIVATE motorists are causing more pollution than company car drivers because there is less incentive for them to choose greener cars.
Most company directors are on "K codes" - and our current Chancellor was always unlikely to show any generosity to company car drivers in his recent Budget speech.
The report also showed that in both the Netherlands and Austria 'perk' cars make up 75% of the company car fleet.
Big hikes in personal taxation have failed to put a damper on Britain's love affair with the company car.
AS most company car drivers will know, a new system taxing the driver personally on the "benefit" of a company car was introduced in April 2002.
DRIVING a company car is one of the most hazardous of occupations, according to the Guild of Experienced Motorists.
para]]Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City hosts limited-time Company Car Sale[[/para]]
According to Sewells Intelligence, over half of company car drivers are considering the fifth generation model for their next company car when it arrives in the UK.