company grade

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com′pany grade`

military rank applying to army officers below major, as first lieutenants and captains. Compare field grade.
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The JAOAC is mandatory for the career progression and promotion eligibility for all Reserve Component company grade judge advocates (JA).
The GETOC is a course "for geospatial engineers by geo-spatial engineers" that focuses on developing the geospatial knowledge of company grade Army engineer officers assigned to positions where a significant amount of geospatial engineering is applied to tactical operations.
Sixty-five percent of all respondents were company grade officers.
In less than a week, I will take the next step in my professional career, moving from company grade to field grade officer.
For the past 11 years our Army has been at war and an argument can be made that throughout that time there has been a significant decrease in educational opportunities, as requirements demanded Company grade officers to serve "downrange".
The chief of staff, MG Hugh Scott, saw little benefit, but 30 years later I served under three major generals of the California National Guard who had been company grade in 1916 and thought it invaluable when mobilized in 1917.
Most were written by young noncommissioned officers or company grade officers with battle-proven skills--not by senior military police leaders with decades of experience.
His supervisor in Iraq stated that CPT Trigger was "a proven leader" and "[t]he best company grade officer with whom I have served in my 19 years of service.
Before starting his career in commercial real estate, Bertke was a captain in the United States Air Force, where he was named Senior Company Grade Officer of the Year in 1997 and Outstanding Company Grade Officer of the Year in both 1994 and 1995.
Some of the articles come from general officers, others from company grade officers.
The directorate used funds from their company grade officers' initiative program, which provides lieutenants and captains the opportunity to receive funding to work on a special project outside their core technology area.
Security forces gives young company grade officers the opportunity to lead, and not Just in a stable or corporate environment, but on the battlefield.