company store

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com′pany store′

a retail store operated by a company for its employees, usu. as a monopoly.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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The first 200 shoppers to enter each New York & Company Store (including Outlet locations) beginning at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day will be given the chance to win $100,000 as part of the Company's first-ever Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday sweepstakes to kick-off the holiday shopping season.
Oysters, Macaroni and Beer: Thurber, Texas and the Company Store follows the evolution of a company store from 1894 to 1934, and the concurrent changes in a company town owned by the Texas and Pacific Coal Company.
Hanover Direct has integrated its Domestications and The Company Store divisions.
At the Canoga Park mall's Museum Company store, they found numerous items that they would consider for fans of romance films, such as the recently released ``Bounce'' with Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow.
For those on tighter budgets, the Company Store offers a queen-size eiderdown pillow for $2,000, or a standard-size one for $1,800.
The directive for The Company Store is to hone in on the essence of the brand.
The funds The Company Store raises will help us support leading breast cancer education, access to care and research programs across the United States," said Carol Kurzig, president of the Avon Foundation for Women.
At Home, the home furnishings catalog from The Company Store (an American icon of comfort, quality and design since 1911), offers an extraordinary selection of fine furniture, accessories, and bedding from around the globe: from sofas, rugs, lamps, computer desks, bath cabinets, fireplace accessories and etageres, to armoires, tables, organizational products, chandeliers, magazine racks, window treatments, beds -- as well as The Company Store's renowned groupings of fine home textiles.
Since the end of the quarter, Krispy Kreme has opened an additional franchise store in Bakersfield, CA and a company store in Richmond, VA.
Under the terms of the three-year contract -- which represents a move by Arizona-based Discount Tire Company to consolidate all of its data and long distance voice services with SBC companies -- SBC Long Distance will provide inbound and outbound long distance voice services to all 566 Discount Tire Company store locations across the United States.
The Company Store offers high quality proprietary design home furnishings merchandise through its web site and catalog.