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Noun1.comparative literature - study of literary works from different cultures (often in translation)
literary study - the humanistic study of literature
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The other task is to promote dialogue between heterogeneous cultures through mutual understanding and appreciation and then to change the "view" of the "Other" to the "viewpoint" of "Otherization" which may provide a new methodology for the study of comparative literature and comparative culture.
Ranging broadly across the humanities, the 18 essays presented here, about equally divided into sections focused on literary criticism, comparative literature, and interdisciplinary studies, address representations of evil in fiction.
Yet translation has continued to play second fiddle to comparative literature, even to this day.
Having finally evoked the ancientness of the problems which comparative literature brings to bear in its attempt to render comparative the study of the relations with philosophy or the sciences or the social sciences, I should perhaps, in closing, point out that genres are the ground where all the types of comparison, all the interdisciplinarities I mentioned earlier cross paths.
The guest editors of the thematic issue thank the anonymous reviewers of papers submitted and Steven Totosy de Zepetnek--editor of CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture <http://docs.
The problem of the nature of comparability is rendered more acute by the shift of comparative literature from a Eurocentric to a global discipline, though that may not appear to be the case.
However, despite the inclusive attitude expressed in the comparatists' reflection, there have developed French and the American ways of doing comparative literature indicating gaps between desires, intentions and the ways they are reflected in action.
As one of a series of decennial reports by the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Comparative Literature in an Age of Globalization offers itself as a "report on the state of the discipline" in 2004; but unlike previous ACLA reports it is conceived of by its editor, Haun Saussy, as "a multi-vocal report" in which nineteen authors present their arguments on the development of comparative literature in the contemporary era of globalization (viii).
The idea was to take the most popular and unacademic figure we could come up with, and then apply really hard-core academic rigor to it," says Jennie Hammond, a graduate teaching fellow in the University of Oregon's Comparative Literature Program.
Written by Lea Goldberg (1911-1970), establisher of the Hebrew University's Department of Comparative Literature and recipient of the Israel Prize, Selected Poetry and Drama presents Rachel Tzvia Back's fresh translation of a broad cross-section of Goldberg's poetry, as well as T.
This report from the American Comparative Literature Association shows that analysis of literature on a global scope can provide important insights into cultural differences and similarities.
Certainly many kudos are owed to Professor Persis Karim, teacher of English and comparative literature at San Jose State University, for amassing this wondrous, stunning collection.

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