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 (kŏm′pə-rā′tər, kəm-păr′ə-)
Any of various instruments for comparing a measured property of an object, such as its shape, color, or brightness, with a standard.


1. (General Engineering) any instrument used to measure a property of a system by comparing it with a standard system
2. (Electronics) an electric circuit that compares two signals and gives an indication of the extent of their dissimilarity


(kəmˈpær ə tər, ˈkɒm pəˌreɪ-)

1. any of various instruments for making comparisons, as of lengths, distances, or tints of colors.
2. a circuit for comparing two signals, as readings of duplicate information stored in a digital computer.


[kəmˈpærətər] nélément m de comparaison
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Each PWM module has a comparator register and boast four modes of operation: standard PWM output, set output on comparator register match, toggle output on comparator register match, or center-align the pulse with the center of another PWM pulse.
The bill proposes a hierarchy of comparators --from the same employer, then a similar employer, then the same industry and finally from a similar industry.
In order to meet these necessities, this paper boons a sensorless control procedure grounded on Hysteretic comparator by relating the terminal voltages which are being identified indirectly from the terminal voltage detection method.
7-16V, the new comparators can operate from the standard voltages used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial or automotive equipment.
On the production line, test time can be significantly reduced using multiple-bin comparator sorting functions.
Folding-Interpolating (F&I) technique is another alternative to reduce the number of comparators with nearly the same conversion speed as flash [1, 2].
Sourcing a comparator drug, which in all likelihood is manufactured by a competitor, can be a challenging task that exposes a company to operational, regulatory and financial risks.
Children receiving the comparator got amoxicillin and clavulanic acid oral suspension or intravenous ceftriaxone.
For patients infected with gram-positive organisms, there was no difference in death rates between patients on linezolid (Zyvox) and patients on a comparator antibiotic.
For patients infected with gram-positive organisms, there was no difference in death rates between those on linezolid (Zyvox) and those on a comparator antibiotic.
An optical comparator display shows the measured profile compared to a design template.