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intr.v. com·par·i·son-shopped, com·par·i·son-shop·ping, com·par·i·son-shops
To shop for bargains by comparing the prices of competing brands or stores.


v.i. -shopped, -shop•ping.
to compare prices and quality of competing merchandise, esp. by visiting stores.
compar′ison shop`per, n.
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Verb1.comparison-shop - compare prices for a given item
commerce, commercialism, mercantilism - transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
browse, shop - shop around; not necessarily buying; "I don't need help, I'm just browsing"
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Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to comparison-shop while being in-store, comparing prices and offerings of multiple online and store-based retailers, according to the findings of yStats.
com, the premier free online service that helps customers find & comparison-shop many of the nations leading broadband providers, has recently launched the web's only specific Broadband Directory to help customers locate specialized broadband services.
The fact that more women than men comparison-shop on our site, speaks to how women are using the Internet -- the ultimate technology gadget -- to simplify and speed up their daily tasks.