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Containing or stating briefly all the essentials of something; comprehensive and concise.

[Middle English, from Late Latin compendiōsus, abridged, shortened, from Latin compendium, a shortening; see compendium.]

com·pen′di·ous·ly adv.
Usage Note: Traditionally, something that is compendious contains all the essentials in a handy format. It is therefore both comprehensive and concise. This inherent tension—to be comprehensive, it must include abundant detail, yet to be concise, it must be somehow condensed—opens the word up to varied interpretations. Sometimes it is used where expansive, extensive, or even capacious might be a better fit. The Usage Panel dislikes these usages, perhaps because they fly in the face of the word's etymology. In our 2005 survey, 64 percent rejected the sentence Although the investigators gave compendious details on what went on inside the prison, they only told part of the story. Similarly, 66 percent found unacceptable A good journalist needs a compendious memory. But the fact that a third of the Panel accepted these sentences suggests that there is some confusion about the word even among well-educated writers. The traditional use itself did not gain more than 65 percent of the Panel's acceptance in compendious handbooks that provide a greater wealth of information than most students will ever have the opportunity to enjoy, where the emphasis falls on the comprehensive rather than the concise. And when the word is used as a synonym of succinct, a majority of the Panel rejects it. Some 58 percent found unacceptable the sentence The report would have been more admirably compendious if the editors had cut it by fifty pages. So in many cases it might be best to avoid compendious and choose another word.
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Farebrother on the possible histories of creatures that converse compendiously with their antennae, and for aught we know may hold reformed parliaments; when suddenly some inarticulate little sounds were heard which called everybody's attention.
If he refuses to listen to the lecture and goes on the war path, then, unpleasantly for me, I assure you, I shall be compelled to thrash him and his village, first: and, next, I shall triple the fine he must pay and lecture the law into him a trifle more compendiously.
You would send them to Africa, out of your sight and smell, and then send a missionary or two to do up all the self-denial of elevating them compendiously.
As he put it: "The persistent particles of mathematical physics I regard as logical constructions, symbolic fictions enabling us to express compendiously very complicated assemblages of facts.
May State Parliaments maintain and even extend criminal prohibitions on the possession and use of certain drugs, but not those used mainly by middle-class, middle-aged people--or are the Courts, by enforcing those prohibitions, engaging in work that is not only counterproductive, and indeed harmful, but also a distortion of the purposes for which the criminal law exists (which may be said compendiously to be the avoidance of harm to others) (93) and thus the infliction of a legislative policy on the Courts that is incompatible with their institutional integrity?
From a profession charged with such responsibilities there must be exacted those qualities of truth-speaking, of a high sense of honor, of granite discretion, of the strictest observance of fiduciary responsibility, that have, throughout the centuries, been compendiously described as 'moral character.
Certainly, Juan Iribarne is not mistaken in his assertion that the material he treats so compendiously in his Tractatus is scattered throughout Scotus's philosophical and theological writings: he cites from all four books of Scotus's Commentaries on the Sentences (chiefly, the Ordinario) and his Quodlibet, but also shows familiarity with Scotus's Quaestiones super libros Metaphysicorum.
With this central purpose--which this article will compendiously refer to as the "public's right to know" (62)--in mind, we can pro- ceed to design a viable framework for the protection of press freedom that appropriately recognizes this freedom's status in the constitutional order.
While the appellants' experience will in that event have been insupportably painful, they will have endured the consequence of adjudication through due process in accordance with what is compendiously termed the rule of law.
Following DIMEV 2352, in Longleat 30 a second scribe, exploiting space likely left blank by Werken, writes seven lines of an extract from Thomas Betson's "A Ryght Profytable Treatyse Compendiously Drawen Out Of Many and Dyvers Wrytynges Of Holy Men" (30) (see Figure 1), which a third scribe continues, concluding on folio 54v, with "This short prayer folowing taught/oure Lord saint Brigitt Say ye them ofte in the day Domine Ihesu christe ego cognosco me grauiter peccasse.
Yet Patrick Brady's compendiously titled study of 1968 accommodates its plurality in an exclusively recuperative direction that has seldom been properly challenged" "L'oeuvre" d'Emile Zola- roman sur les arts; manifeste, autobiographie, roman a clef.
tua, especially if the accusatives were written compendiously with supralineal abbreviations for the m's.