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comp 1

intr.v. comped, comp·ing, comps
To play a jazz accompaniment, as on a piano or guitar.

[Short for accompany.]

comp 2

 (kŏmp) Informal
1. Something of value, such as a ticket for admission or a book, given free of charge: The first caller to the radio station received four comps to a rock concert.
2. A person who receives something of value free of charge: The audience at the play consisted of 80 paying customers and 20 comps.
1. comped, comp·ing, comps To give (someone) something of value, such as a ticket or a hotel room, free of charge: Each performer was allowed to comp two guests.
2. To give (something of value, such as a ticket or a hotel room) free of charge: The customers' meal was comped after they complained about the service.

[Short for complimentary.]
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Ray Peacock is a prolific writer and is one of the most popular compers and headline performers on the circuit.
When I started, I subscribed to Compers News magazine, which tells you where all the current ones are.
She is one of the tens of thousands of UK compers - people who each enter 80-100 competitions every week.
Well, Gillian and her family, from Winlaton, are what you call compers, serial competition entrants, who can often barely go a day without entering a competition or a month without winning something.
And it's not without reason that you find complete magazines published for the titillation of dedicated compers, as they call those addicted to entering various competitions.
Through the site I've come into contact with a lot of professional compers - people who are literally there all day, entering every competition they can find, " says John.
Represents Chevrolet, Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai and 24 lines of motor homes, travel trailers and compers.
Compers have a saying: The harder the questions, the easier it is to win.
This ride takes compers through Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve and Austin Creek State Recreation Area.
The COMPERS job evaluation process, while excellent for the scoping of most senior nurse/midwife roles, does not appear to adequately reflect the CRN role at all but the basic entry level.
Compers News, a monthly magazine, provides a comprehensive list of every competition that can be found currently running in the UK.