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1. (Genetics) the act or process of forming a complement
2. (Genetics) genetics the combination of two homologous chromosomes, each with a different recessive mutant gene, in a single cell to produce a normal phenotype. The deficiency of one homologue is supplied by the normal allele of the other


(ˌkɒm plə mənˈteɪ ʃən)

2. the use of grammatical complements.
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Noun1.complementation - the grammatical relation of a word or phrase to a predicate
grammatical relation - a linguistic relation established by grammar
2.complementation - (linguistics) a distribution of related speech sounds or forms in such a way that they only appear in different contexts
dispersion, distribution - the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume; "worldwide in distribution"; "the distribution of nerve fibers"; "in complementary distribution"
linguistics - the scientific study of language


[ˌkɒmplɪmɛnˈteɪʃən] (GRAMMAR) ncomplémentation f
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Perform competitive selection process and recommendation for award of the contracting firm that is responsible for the complementation of the definitive technical file and the execution of the work Component I: Dam Construction for South Tronera and Trans-Andean Tunnel as part of the Special Irrigation Project Hydropower and Alto Piura (PEIHAP).
TTM enjoys a strong position in cellular phone and networking/telecom, and Viasystems in automotive and industrial fields, showing a perfect complementation.
Besides crude oil imports and traditional trade activities, the cooperation has expanded to take economic and trade cooperation as the mainstay including collaborations across a wide array of sectors and investment types, including bilateral investment, financial cooperation, cultural exchanges and industrial complementation.
The meanings of complementation constructions are dependent on the type of CTR
This is the 40th economic complementation agreement between the two nations.
Speaking on the occasion, Shaikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairperson of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), said: "The inauguration of the new flagpoles in the Eastern Region in Sharjah, which will coincide with the 42nd anniversary of the UAE National Day, comes in complementation of the flagpole developed in Sharjah by Shurooq last year as part of its celebration of the UAE's 41st National Day.
Oncologists, geneticists, and biochemists from the US and Europe explore such aspects of the current field as the regulation of ion channel and transporter function through RNA editing, the coordination of RNA editing with RNA processes in kinotoplastic mitochondria, RNA editing and small regulatory RNAs, deaminase-dependent and deaminase-independent functions of APOBEC1 and its complementation factor in the context of the APOBEC family, and ADAR and the balance game between virus infection and innate immune cell response.
The combination and complementation of the two markets will present Asia and the world with huge opportunities to realize growth, development and prosperity, he added.
Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said that Asian academic and scientific institutions, and in complementation of their leading role in community service and support of decision-makers, carry out the task of preparing cultural and academic forums, seminars and scientific discussions on the sidelines of international conferences through the use of energies and specialized expertise which in turn seek to provide a summary of their visions after a series of wealthy discussions, therefore, expanding horizons of policy makers and strategies in various fields.
We feel that the deluxe segment offers a brand- and business-development potential and would be a good complementation to our existing brands," area vice president for the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa Mark Willis revealed.
These genes can be linked; genes can also interact via epistasis or complementation.
In this section, we investigate the notion of complementation of a graph whose edges have signs (a sigraph) in the more general context of graphs with multiple signs on their edges.

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