complex variable

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complex variable

An expression of the form x + iy, where x and y are real variables and i2 = -1.

com′plex var′iable

a variable to which complex numbers may be assigned as value.
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Pathak, Agaarwal, and Cho present a textbook for a first course usually called something like theory of functions of a complex variable, and customarily offered at the senior or beginning undergraduate level.
Instructors of complex variable courses could draw from the book examples that use the theory to solve problems from outside the field.
The second one, on fracture mechanics, requires an elementary knowledge of complex variable theory.
This complex volume for engineers and mechanical designers examines negative effects of complex variable system components on machine operational parameters.
Rao and all present a rigorous introduction to the theory of functions of one complex variable in a textbook for a graduate or undergraduate course.
The 12 papers here discuss such matters as discrete holomorphic local dynamics in one complex variable, generating functions of Lebesgue spaces by translations, spaces of smooth functions, the Hahn-Banah Theorem and the sad life of E.
Selected Topics in the Classical Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable (reprint 1962)
Students should have completed a solid lower-division course in classical mechanics and have a good working knowledge of multivariable calculus, vector calculus, some linear algebra, some complex variable theory, elements of ordinary and partial differential equations, and introductory tensor analysis.
He does not try to complete with specialized textbooks or classic treatises on these topics, he says, but offers a fairly detailed yet fast-paced introduction to those parts of the theory of one complex variable that seem most useful in other areas of mathematics such as geometric group theory, dynamics, algebraic geometry, number theory, and functional analysis.
of Hyderabad, India) finds the theory of functions of a complex variable to be one of those areas of mathematics that were created for reasons not even remotely connected to any practical, real-world applications, but turn out to be extremely useful.
Our jobs require complex variable information and quick turnaround, so we needed a machine that could offer speed and flexibility without sacrificing image quality.
A textbook for a one-semester graduate or undergraduate introductory course in the theory of functions of a complex variable for students of mathematics and related sciences.

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