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Of or having a specified complexion. Often used in combination: fair-complexioned.


(in combination) of a specified complexion: light-complexioned.


(kəmˈplɛk ʃənd)

having a specified complexion (usu. used in combination): a light-complexioned person.
References in classic literature ?
The former was a native of Tennessee, about six feet high, strong built, dark complexioned, brave in spirit, though mild in manners.
He was of the middle size, light complexioned, and though but about twenty-five years of age, was considered an experienced Indian trader.
Oh, no, said he, looking a sort of diabolically funny, the harpooneer is a dark complexioned chap.
The young man turned round, surprised, and saw a dark complexioned girl, who, with a finger on her lip, held out her other hand to him.
A reporter described Norman as being in his late 20s, dark complexioned, with a full beard, cropped closely and pointed, with clear-cut features, large bright brown eyes, dark hair, and an easy manner.
Also, in all probability the Harappans were dark complexioned.
The daughter of a Boston janitor and the descendant of slaves, Hemmings was light complexioned enough to pass as white, and she was even voted class beauty.
We were mixed, and lighter complexioned, and this was our penance.
Another dimension of TCs misuse is its cosmetic application particularly in combination with bleaching creams to make the skin fair among dark complexioned people.
The suspect was described only as male, 5'4" to 5'6" tall, dark complexionED and clad in a white t-shirt and maong pants.
Police said the fair complexioned baby, apparently aged two days, was found by a worker of the cafeteria.
On the face of it the suspect seems to be a fair complexioned male in his twenties.