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In view of these complicacies, it was decided to start with a simple procedure, which includes pulling of the artificial finger by hand (Fig.
And Address In Which Purchase Order Can Be Placed To Avoid Further Complicacies.
The environmental experts of these countries will learn about how to make a reserve forest, forest laws, its complicacies and enhancement of forest areas, breeding of birds, preservation of ecological values besides the manmade hurdles faced by birds during migration," said Raj Kumar Bhatia, DFO of Gurgaon range.
Additionally, the antioxidant potential of the same test principles would ameliorate age- and stress-related oxidative status in potential health care formulations, thus preventing further complicacies associated with the onset of diabetes mellitus.
What complicacies Pakistan's agenda is its significant geostrategic location American intervention in 2001, and a host of domestic challenges to its democracy, governance and national unity.
Conceptual ambiguity in some provisions, as seen in section 19(2) for example, may give rise to confusions and complicacies not tenable for anti-corruption drives.
The situation led to such complicacies that Britain was bound to secretly advise ways to the Libyan government for the early and successful release of al-Megrahi, though it concealed the facts from public insisting that the decision was solely taken by Scottish executives.
The various complicacies involved with the recognition of hand-printed Devanagari characters in general are reported on page 188.
This rule allows almost a limitless use of genitive cases for various reasons, particularly to avoid the complicacies in determining the case in question--the rule allows an excellent morphological flexibility without any semantic loss.
Entre las personas ciegas se encontro que las causas de su condicion visual eran la presencia de catarata (67,61%), alteraciones del segmento posterior (14,08%), otras opacidades corneales (8,45%), glaucoma (2,82%) y errores refractivos, retinopatia diabetica y complicacies quirurgicas (cada una con 1,41%).
En relacion a la estancia en UCI, se encontro que para ambos grupos fue muy corta, lo que puede llevar a la reduction de costos y de posibles complicacies sin que este resulta-do estuviera afectado por el uso o no de la tecnica de UF.
Tenderers Should Give His Proper Address In Which Purchase Order Can Be Placed To Avoid Further Complicacies