n. pl. com·pli·ca·cies
1. The state of being complicated.
2. A complication.


n, pl -cies
a less common word for complexity


(ˈkɒm plɪ kə si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. the state of being complicated; complicatedness.
2. a complication.
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If they do not like the final draft, they can terminate the order anytime, and money will be refunded without any complicacy.
The intentional inversion of the normal word order in this line results in the skillful anastrophe that artistically reflects the complicacy and intricacy of the long adverbial "When.
All these stake-holders of labour market used to avoid any sort of written agreement from legal complicacy point of view.
pts; recurrence in in 4 (of 6 cases; 3 cases; 3 alive 67%); 9 labeled with disease; PSCN; 1 patient NED (24) with neurofibromatosis died of its complicacy Houben et NED (6) AL[K.
importance and the complicacy of the Karabakh conflict's resolution is obvious.
Highlighting the complicacy in the trial, Husain also said that there is a need for a verified evidence to put all these people on the trial and indict them as well.
Thereupon, we have made a compromise between performances and complicacy and we chose [K.
These states are termed as A1 to A27 and we have purpose fully given different codes and not name to avoid further complicacy.
Due to their complicacy and interrelation, critical systems are a unique target for technological attacks.
After graduation, I pursued this dream more seriously, with Air Traffic field, which came inline with my realization of the high complicacy of the global aviation sector and the relevant challenges.
Increase at speed difference between turbine and generator which is being run by turbine raises cost and complicacy of system, diminishes feasibility and efficiency.
t) provides not only increasing more than 7 times the accuracy of UV movement along desirable trajectory but also increasing of velocity without any complicacy of UV CS in 1.