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or Com·pline  (kŏm′plĭn, -plīn′) also com·plin or Com·plin (-plĭn)
n. Ecclesiastical
1. The last of the canonical hours, recited or sung just before retiring.
2. The time of day appointed for this service.

[Middle English, alteration (probably influenced by matines, matins) of compli, from Old French complie, from Medieval Latin (hōra) complēta, final (hour), from Latin complētus, past participle of complēre, to complete; see complete.]


(ˈkɒmplɪn; -plaɪn) or


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church the last of the seven canonical hours of the divine office
[C13: from Old French complie, from Medieval Latin hōra complēta, literally: the completed hour, from Latin complēre to fill up, complete]


(ˈkɒm plɪn, -plaɪn)

also com•plin


the last of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it.
[1175–1225; Middle English comp(e)lin=compli, cump(e)lie (< Old French complie, cumplie < Latin complēta (hōra) complete (hour)) + -in (of matin)]
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Noun1.compline - last of the seven canonical hours just before retiring
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer


n (Eccl) → Komplet f
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By day they did nothing but ascend and descend the steps which led to the chapel; at night, in addition to complines and matins, they were further obliged to leap twenty times out of their beds and prostrate themselves on the floor of their cells.
Music to include Sung Compline by Candlelight (9pm, October 6),'Walking the Stations with music by Haydn (7.
Incidentally, Belloc says that they were going to Vespers, but the hymn he quotes, Te Lucis Ante Terminum, is, in fact, from the night office of Compline.
When I was an undergrad, there were about 10 of us who would sometimes call each other on a Friday or Saturday night and arrange to meet at Saint Thomas More, the Catholic chapel at Yale, to sing compline, or night prayer.
just in time for Compline, said Surat, who stayed the weekend at the Abby guesthouse.
These included Compline and Meditation, the Stations of the Cross and on Maundy Thursday a commemorative meal such as Jesus shared with his disciples was enjoyed by members of the church and the Methodist Church.
Keil was not at the burial, but she did get a ticket to the "Service of Compline for the Reception of the Remains of King Richard III'' on March 22.
I've just returned from the last service of the night, Compline.
Includes time for daily private meditation and prayer, vespers, and compline.
Also in the programme will be an organ recital from Alan McGuiness, a performance from Pascal Roge and a Compline Service.
Dorsky was represented by three recent films, Compline (2010), Aubade (2010), and The Return (2011).