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n. pl. com·pos
Any of various combined substances, such as mortar or plaster, formed by mixing ingredients.

[Short for composition.]


n, pl -pos
1. (Building) a mixture of materials, such as mortar, plaster, etc
2. informal Austral and NZ compensation, esp for injury or loss of work
(Military) military intended to last for several days: compo rations; a compo pack.
[short for composition, compensation, composite]


(ˈkɒm poʊ)

n., pl. -pos.
any composition material.
[1820–25; by shortening; compare -o]
References in classic literature ?
Serves 'em right for putting German compos in their thrust-blocks.
There was first the deed or sentence of divorce from his wife, and the full evidence of her playing the whore; then there were the certificates of the minister and churchwardens of the parish where she lived, proving that she was buried, and intimating the manner of her death; the copy of the coroner's warrant for a jury to sit upon her, and the verdict of the jury, who brought it in Non compos mentis.
The system will enable retail chains to increase trade turnover by 3-5 percent, Alexander Belous, director general of Compo, told Sk.
He added: "In my view the statue should be of all three of them: Compo, Foggy and Clegg.
Charter Realty worked with Winzone Realty to place Indeego Spa in a 1,800 s/f space at the Compo II Center.
4 ppm of 32 ppm was released from COMPO 2 on the 3rd day.
Compo ran well to deny Harmless Times, the eyecatcher in the race was Blackhouse Heidi who although outpaced early ran on strongly and is worth keeping an eye on when stepping up to six and eight-bend racing.
Country: , GermanySector: ChemicalsTarget: Compo GmbH & Co KGBuyer: Triton Beteiligungsberatung GmbHVendor: K+S AGDeal size in USD: 283mType: DivestmentStatus: ClosedComment: Deal size includes liabilities.
There have been 30 series of Last Of The Summer Wine since it first aired in 1973 with original stars Bill Owen as Compo, Peter Sallis as Clegg and Michael Bates as Blamire.
YORKSHIRE'S FINEST Compo, Clegg and Foggy in Last of the Summer Wine.
WITH regard to a recent letter (I Am Sick Of Compo Claims, 5.
Compo material dries quickly, takes a stain and is also available in some basic colors.