comport with

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To conduct oneself in a specified way:
phrasal verb
comport with
To be compatible or in correspondence:
Informal: jibe.
Archaic: quadrate.
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Name such a sum as will comport with your own ideas.
Nor did it precisely comport with my preconceived ideas of the dignity of divine messengers," remarked Professor Porter, "when the--ah--gentleman tied two highly respectable and erudite scholars neck to neck and dragged them through the jungle as though they had been cows.
She assists clients in developing and implementing estate plans that comport with their financial goals and personal wishes.
Democratic congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi of Schaumburg issued a statement saying: "The president's comments about other countries neither comport with the dignity of the presidency, nor do they comport with the goodness of America and the majority of Americans in their positive views toward immigrants and other countries.
1133 to exempt all property owned by a navigation district from taxation will comport with the constitution only to the extent that the navigation district actually uses the property for a public purpose.
KUWAIT, Oct 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti club for winter sports said it made changes to its charter to comport with the country's laws, during an extraordinary meeting of the club's general assembly on Saturday.
Essential Documents is organized to comport with his book, A History of American Higher Education, in order to give readers sources that have been analyzed in the original book.
Reports about a possible Russian intervention in Crimea have caused "deep concern" in the US and do not comport with Russia's stated intentions to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity, he said.
Google said that while video clips from Innocence of Muslims did not violate YouTube community guidelines, it restricted views in several countries to comport with local laws and temporarily blocked it in Egypt and Libya.
As such, the Court finds that the monument displaying the Ten Commandments is government speech and must comport with the Establishment Clause.
court yesterday on the grounds that an AIPAC spokesperson's statement about himthat his behavior "did not comport with standards that AIPAC expects of its employees"does not withstand the relevant test for a defamatory statement, which is that it must be "provably false.
The proposed revision would comport with regulations enacted a year ago and add provisions to include the new TEACH Grant.