composing room

com·pos·ing room

A room where typesetting is done.

composing room

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the room in a printing establishment in which type is set

compos′ing room`

a room in which compositors work.
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Yes, I knew them all, as I worked in the composing room.
In the Chronicle's composing room, Mr Stanton showed her a proof of the paper which would be on the streets within minutes of her visit.
Next door is the old composing room with three doorways, each warning entrants that smoking is not permitted inside.
Ron Harris has been named managing editor; previously, he was composing room manager, a job he'd held for 4-1/2 years.
When a story was finished it was put into a plastic cylinder and shoved into a vacuum tube which whisked it to the composing room on the third floor.
SMART BOY (about 14) Wanted for Composing Room - Apply after 6pm.
Composing room foreman J R Senior worked for the Examiner for more than 70 years.
One art director even sneaked into the composing room and restored a banished drawing, his job saved only when the publisher the next day lauded the page.
SOME, including the urbane fellow himself, felt that his talents were not fully appreciated on the afternoon paper, which gloried in the name of the Reading Eagle, where he worked as a copyboy - running messages between newsroom, composing room and courthouse; serving editors coffee and breakfast, and sometimes assigned mindnumbing tasks of compiling theatre and radio timetables.
Dashing to magistrates' courts to collect reporters' copy and running subedited stories to the composing room.
After an enjoyable period there, during which each day I read half of the Gazette, I transferred to the composing room and there I met senior compositors such as Joe Martin (overseer), Harry Lockey, Ken Greenwood and John Sullivan (stonemen).