composite function

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compos′ite func′tion

n. Math.
a function obtained from two given functions, where the range of one function is contained in the domain of the second function, by assigning to an element in the domain of the first function that element in the range of the second function whose inverse image is the image of the element.
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The determinant of the Hessian matrix of a composite function f = F([h.
2](x,y))in terms of x and y, and find the domain of the resulting composite function.
The deduction of the necessary conditions involves frequent application of the differentiation of the composite functions with respect to time argument and taking the partial derivatives of the differentiated composite function with respect to one of the variables or its derivatives.
13] Wu Qibin, A composite function involving the Smarandache function, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol.
Commotion Pro 4 has more highly developed algorithms that increase the speed of the paint function by 200% and the composite function by 30%.
YuMe's PQI algorithm is a composite function of key performance metrics that are important to brand marketers including: interaction rate (IR), video completion rate (VCR), video player size, player on-page location, among many others based on campaign objectives.
m] [right arrow] R, consider the composite function g [omicron] F: A [right arrow] R such that the following conditions are fulfilled:
But at present, none had studied the mean value properties of the composite function S([P.
Theorem on the differentiation of a composite function with a vector argument