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Here, too, is a curious little work upon the influence of a trade upon the form of the hand, with lithotypes of the hands of slaters, sailors, corkcutters, compositors, weavers, and diamond-polishers.
There was indeed the sound of shouting in the street, and a little group of compositors and pressmen was forming in the hall below and nerving itself to action.
The affair ended in our going to the State capital, where my father found work as a reporter of legislative proceedings for one of the daily journals, and I was taken into the office as a compositor.
Honest and hearty was Charles's dislike, and the past spread itself out very clearly before him; hatred is a skilful compositor.
Most of it was in blank, but the solitary compositor who did the thing had amused himself by making a grotesque scheme of ad- vertisement stereo on the back page.
nonsense by permitting the compositor to make it unintelligible.
The curses to which the General gave a low utterance, as soon as Rebecca and her conqueror had quitted him, were so deep, that I am sure no compositor would venture to print them were they written down.
Pshaw, my dear fellow, what do the public, the great unobservant public, who could hardly tell a weaver by his tooth or a compositor by his left thumb, care about the finer shades of analysis and deduction
I think it is revolutionizing compositing," says Mark Breakspear, vfx supervisor at CIS Vancouver, where compositors recently used Nuke to create complex environments for the upcoming film "Salt.
The economy of the printing-house, notably the use of apprentices for distribution, established common spellings, usually shorter than earlier forms, which were widely transmitted as compositors moved to different printing-houses.
Reading archival finds against known evidence about other presses, Bernstein treats us to a walking tour of Scotto's print shop, showing its organization into two labor forces operating simultaneously two presses, each supervised by a head compositor and including an apprentice or journeyman, two compositors, and two pressmen, whose work was reviewed by a proofreader (the highest-ranking person in the shop).