compost heap

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Noun1.compost heap - a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost
cumulation, heap, pile, agglomerate, cumulus, mound - a collection of objects laid on top of each other
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Use a fan (springbok) rake to remove the thatch and then chuck it on your compost heap.
Definitely don't put in anything diseased such as rose leaves with black spot - this is fungi that will flourish in a compost heap.
Turn your compost heap to stop it becoming stale and compacted.
So all the comfrey leaves are going straight on the compost heap.
In this age of recycling, there can be no better time to start your own compost heap.
Mark Webster, e-mail CAROL: I'm assuming that the manure is well-rotted, if not, leave it in a heap for a year or layer it with green waste on your compost heap.
The compost heap is our model for making the same transformation in the henhouse.
Continue to cut down faded herbaceous perennials and add to the compost heap ?
Mitch took a liking to the three-day old rabbits when they were brought into Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, Flintshire, after being found in a compost heap.
London, Nov 13 (ANI): Peeing on the compost heap can help fertilise gardens and save on flushing the lavatory, a UK charity has urged.
If you have a yard, an ideal way to return as much organic matter as possible to the soil is to build your own compost heap.
The device creates no toxic gas emissions and the remaining byproduct, glycerin, is fit for the compost heap or for a waste oil burner.