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žodžių junginys
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A Noun is a composite significant sound, not marking time, of which no part is in itself significant: for in double or compound words we do not employ the separate parts as if each were in itself significant.
Having picked up a few of our most familiar colloquial expressions, he scattered them about over his conversation whenever they happened to occur to him, turning them, in his high relish for their sound and his general ignorance of their sense, into compound words and repetitions of his own, and always running them into each other, as if they consisted of one long syllable.
Most farms, at least mine, only seem to observe the second half of the compound word fireworks.
After this treatment, the trigger that is part of the compound word is recalled.
N+N [right arrow] N compounding with antonymous words jer + sub: In the Dictionary of the Old Turkic Language, the meaning of the compound word is given as 'land' or'continent'.
Once the word root is found, the word is further analyzed to determine whether it is a compound word, combining word, singular, plural, abbreviation or acronym.
The month was specified with the compound word meiman (meimaen, meimane, meigman) 'May + month'.
The Greek compound word hiero-glyph can mean any kind of sacred engraving, but the mysterious hieroglyphs that come down to us from Egyptian culture have a special appeal.
According to Andrew Martin and his team from the Laboratory for Language Development at the RIKEN Brain Science Center, compound word formation is influenced by subtle forms of linguistic pressure, which demonstrates that words which "sound better" to the speakers of a language have a higher chance of being created.
GRAMMAR - THE BASICS Compound words: A compound word is a word made up of two words.
This is what is meant by the Greek compound word nostalgia: nostos, "returning home," and algos, "pain.
An adjective component may be primary or derived one and a nominal component may be primary, derived or less frequently a compound word.