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also com·pra·dore  (kŏm′prə-dôr′)
1. An intermediary; a go-between.
2. A native-born agent in China and certain other Asian countries formerly employed by a foreign business to serve as a collaborator or intermediary in commercial transactions.

[Portuguese, from Late Latin comparātor, buyer, from Latin comparāre, to buy : com-, com- + parāre, to get; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌkɒmprəˈdɔː) or


(Historical Terms) (formerly in China and some other Asian countries) a native agent of a foreign enterprise
[C17: from Portuguese: buyer, from Late Latin comparātor, from Latin comparāre to purchase, from parāre to prepare]
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This principle of streamlined and coordinated participation was not popular with the comprador of the civil service who saw the recommendations of the technocrats as technical appropriation of their margin and interest in the emerging oil state.
Shifts in land tenure in the Punjab included the curtailing of women's rights to ancestral land, and a transfer of power to an intermediate landowning class, who were rewarded for their loyalty to colonial rule in the 1857 anti colonial revolt, by being made landowners, and acted as a comprador class with colonialism (Talbot, 2007).
Initially, the wealthy were those who bought, sold and controlled goods, services and labour on behalf of investors in the European core--the comprador capitalists.
They're being looted by multinational corporates and local comprador allies.
Today's local governing-business cliques in the emergent societies generally perform the similar function of facilitating penetration of global capitalist interests, as the nineteenth century class of the comprador in China and S.
000 dolares el episodio, el vendedor informaba a su gerencia que el comprador queria pagar U$Di5.
The Israeli-American-NATO recruitment, funding, organization, and arming of DAESH (ISIL) with the help of Arab and Turkish comprador regimes in the Middle East is the most recent expression of a very well developed pattern.
But the truth is rather different", explains the author who hopes to clear the cobwebs of comprador historiography from the minds of modern Indian readers through his latest book.
El entusiasmo relacionado con el comercio directo y las transacciones basadas en relaciones cercanas esta impulsando el desarrollo de empresas de importacion dedicadas exclusivamente a la comercializacion personalizada; una comercializacion donde el cafe tiene un comprador desde que esta creciendo en el cafeto.
3) Como venia ocurriendo con la prensa, al hablar de libros la mencion con ilustraciones, ilustrados o con grabados, funciona como reclamo tanto para el comprador bibliofilo, que aprecia el valor estetico de un libro esmeradamente editado, como para el popular que, por lo general, inicia su acercamiento al texto a partir de las imagenes.
Exemplifying this scepticism, Solomon Azumurana casts a retrospective glance upon Soyinka's 1960 warnings about a post-independence future in which a comprador elite proved his dire predications all too accurate.