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Readily comprehended or understood; intelligible.

[Latin comprehēnsibilis, from comprehēnsus, past participle of comprehendere, to comprehend; see comprehend.]

com′pre·hen′si·bil′i·ty n.
com′pre·hen′si·bly adv.


[ˌkɒmprɪˈhensəblɪ] ADVcomprensiblemente, de modo comprensible


[ˌkɒmprɪˈhɛnsəblɪ] advin modo comprensibile
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We are furthering our goal to aid physicians and insurance plans to evaluate their patients earlier and more comprehensibly, which may in turn lead to more prevention and lower healthcare costs," he added.
Teams need systematic approaches for communicating information clearly, comprehensibly, and reliably (Gandhi et al.
Lot 5 CCTV van and pipe inspection equipment: Comprises a single comprehensibly equipped CCTV van for the internal inspection of sewers to include mobile CCTV camera, quick view system and smoke generator for the cross connection of sewers.
1m to the city's wage bill, while, from all indications that have been available so far, comprehensibly failing to save any money from the city's management consultants bill as was promised.
Celati's narratives, by contrast--for example those included in Nnrratori delle pianure--always recount what to the tellers of the stories are comprehensibly structured events.
a) A business plan comprehensibly detailing the necessary strategy and tactics to best showcase and market a chosen community…as well as a strategy and related-tactics addressing how they will market themselves to and within the community.
These paradoxes don't require anything mysterious to explain them: like all the other symptoms of anorexia, they derive directly and comprehensibly from the physiology of starvation.
Now that the church's position has changed, and it has gained the freedom that it long sought, it is natural to use this anniversary of the constitution to look at the extent to which the fundamental rights of all people are expressed clearly and comprehensibly in the constitution, which is a statement of values, after all.
And we should shape it comprehensibly that we give arguments that the usage is as close to the part to be produced as possible, and not to compare apples with pears.
Williams entered the final after comprehensibly beating fifth seed Li Na of China 6-0 6-3 on Friday.
Who presently lives and works on the earth is comprehensibly demonstrated: It is the incarnated Seraph of divine Wisdom.
He pointed out that: "The DSRs require that traders provide certain key information to the customer, clearly and comprehensibly, before a customer agrees to buy.