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tr.v. com·pressed, com·press·ing, com·press·es
1. To press together: compressed her lips.
2. To make more compact by or as if by pressing.
3. Computers To encode (data) to minimize the space required for storage or transmittal: compressed the file so that it could be downloaded more quickly.
n. (kŏm′prĕs′)
1. Medicine A soft pad of gauze or other material applied with pressure to a part of the body to control hemorrhage or to supply heat, cold, moisture, or medication to alleviate pain or reduce infection.
2. A machine for compressing material.

[Middle English compressen, from Old French compresser, from Late Latin compressāre, frequentative of Latin comprimere : com-, com- + premere, to press; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

com·press′i·bil′i·ty n.
com·press′i·ble (kəm-prĕs′ə-bəl) adj.


1. (General Physics) the ability to be compressed
2. (General Physics) physics the reciprocal of the bulk modulus; the ratio of volume strain to stress at constant temperature. Symbol: k
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Noun1.compressibility - the property of being able to occupy less space
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
incompressibility - the property of being incompressible
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In spite of the village elder's assertions about the compressibility of hay, and its having settled down in the stacks, and his swearing that everything had been done in the fear of God, Levin stuck to his point that the hay had been divided without his orders, and that, therefore, he would not accept that hay as fifty loads to a stack.
3D printing powders offer high compressibility and durability to manufactured products.
Particularly, the instrument should be able to measure dynamic flow properties such as, flowability and consolidation, shear properties such as, wall friction and cohesion, and bulk properties such as, bulk density and compressibility.
Using the physical compressibility of an almost incompressible liquid like water is computationally expensive because the stable time increment [DELTA]t in an explicit simulation is commonly estimated by the approximation of the following equation,
In addition, physical and chemical mechanisms to detect hydrogen sulfide were evaluated for this sensor in a theoretical manner by using function compressibility theory to obtain comprehensive insight about the sensor performance.
R/bak SA 2000 with acrylic adhesives comes in three levels of compressibility to handle the complete range of flexographic printing --from process and fine screens to heavy solids.
It is well known that the probability density function of FTLEs of smooth statistically isotropic Kraichnan flows evolves according to the convective-diffusive equation with constant coefficients; the values of these constants can be expressed in terms of the dimensionality and compressibility of the flow [1,14].
This does not mean the flow front hesitates, again due to the compressibility of the molten plastic.
Some of water's odd properties, including its ability to absorb heat and its low compressibility, change suddenly at very low temperatures.
The HTC2500 offers high compressibility, noise and surge control, and more than 20 years durability, according to the Korean firm.
All Modo Northern Light grades have good strength characteristics, both in tensile strength/elasticity and compressibility, and have a low wash-boarding tendency thanks to their high bulk.