compression chamber

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That serves to slide the silver compression chamber straight back in the spring tube that serves as a receiver.
The cylinder displacement of a Wankel compressor is calculated by the difference between the compression chamber volume at the end of the compression process ([V.
The machine utilizes linear bearings and slides for easier and quicker adjustment and the moveable side of the compression chamber is tied directly to the adjustable side rail, easily moving all sections as one unit.
Whenever the wave breaker moves shoreward, the piston also moves outwards to the compression chamber and whenever the wave breaker moves seawards, simultaneously the piston moves inwards to the compression chamber.
When the piston rod enters into cylinder the piston comprimes the oil from the compression chamber and the oil is forced to flow through the compression valve CV to the compensate chamber and by the piston orifices to the downside of the piston.
Coventry Lord Mayor Cllr Dave Batten (left), Matthew Ally of Pure Oxygen Ltd and Dip Donaldson in a compression chamber.
This pressure pushes forward through the street bend, through a one way "check" valve, and into an air compression chamber (the two foot capped pipe).
Company's Wash-In-Place or WIP technology provides a superior level of operator safety through the use of its completely sealed and isolated compression chamber.
through a compression chamber to form a 15-ft-long, oriented rod of 0.
The rotor meshes with the screw to form the compression chamber.
Navy for bellows designed to allow rescued submariners to pass from a rescue vessel into a compression chamber on-board a ship - regardless of weather conditions.
Also, oxygen cylinders have been ordered from Poisk in Russia - each team member needs ten - while medical supplies, including a portable compression chamber from Australia, are also on order.