compression chamber

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The sliding compression chamber has a safety to keep the chamber from closing unexpectedly when you load the rifle.
Vert's machine performs "progressive compression: first, a portion of gas is captured inside the compression chamber, and as both screws revolve, it travels from the suction (large) end of the cone to the discharge (small) end of the cone; the compression chamber reduces in volume and pressure increases.
To verify the new scheme, the pressure distributions in the central section at five different moments were selected for analysis of the changes in flow field pressure in the compression chamber.
That serves to slide the silver compression chamber straight back in the spring tube that serves as a receiver.
The cylinder displacement of a Wankel compressor is calculated by the difference between the compression chamber volume at the end of the compression process ([V.
The machine utilizes linear bearings and slides for easier and quicker adjustment and the moveable side of the compression chamber is tied directly to the adjustable side rail, easily moving all sections as one unit.
When the converter (float) is floating at the maximum high tide level, the atmospheric air enters through the inlet air valve of the compression chamber and the chamber is filled up with air at atmospheric pressure.
The jury in the Bradford inquest heard that the machine had not been turned off at the mains before Mr Lee, also of Dunford Road, climbed into the compression chamber.
A DIVER was airlifted to a specialist compression chamber after suffering the bends in a dive at the Dorothea quarry lake.
The 24-year-old has tried all manner of remedies - ranging from old wives' tales like eating honey while hanging upside down, to hi-tech cures such as sitting in a compression chamber - since his hiccupping fit began in February 2007.
These reactions can form deposits that quickly promote excessive bearing wear and even more serious wear on larger rotating components such as rotary screws and compression chamber walls.