computer accessory

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: accessory - an accessory for a computercomputer accessory - an accessory for a computer; "when you add in all the computer accessories you are going to need the computer gets pretty expensive"
accessory, add-on, appurtenance, supplement - a supplementary component that improves capability
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Jalili Ahmed, a manager of a computer accessory shop, said,"Families are reluctant to visit our shops because the workers, on most occasions, occupy nearly all the corridors of the complex.
A 20 year veteran of the office supply and computer accessory industries, Mr.
BFG Technologies designs and delivers NVIDIA-based graphics cards and computer accessory products that will exceed PC World customer's expectations", said Shane Vance, EVP of sales for BFG Technologies, Inc.
Its portability as well as capability make Rover the ultimate computer accessory.
Also included in the computer accessory offering are laptop cases with a top-load design and soft construction, which allow for greater carrying comfort and easier access to contents.
The FlyLight(TM) Notebook USB Light is a small notebook computer accessory that helps users to work easily in dimly lit places such as airplanes or conference rooms.
com) the leading provider of a turn-key solution for companies to transform their Web sites into robust, interactive product presentations, featuring a 360-degree product view, announced the completion of "popRivet" production for the entire notebook computer accessory product line from Targus Inc.
The computer accessory line will be available in December 1999 with suggested retail prices from $4.

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