con amore

con a·mo·re

 (kŏn′ ə-môr′ē, kōn′ ä-mō′rā)
1. Music Lovingly; tenderly. Used chiefly as a direction.
2. With devotion or zeal.

[Italian : con, with + amore, love.]

con amore

(kɒn æˈmɔːrɪ)
adj, adv
(Classical Music) music (to be performed) lovingly
[C19: from Italian: with love]

con a•mo•re

(kɒn əˈmɔr i, -ˈmɔr eɪ, -ˈmoʊr i, -ˈmoʊr eɪ, koʊn)
tenderly (used esp. as a musical direction).
[1730–40 < Italian: literally, with love]
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As the story of 'Agnes Grey' was accused of extravagant over-colouring in those very parts that were carefully copied from the life, with a most scrupulous avoidance of all exaggeration, so, in the present work, I find myself censured for depicting CON AMORE, with 'a morbid love of the coarse, if not of the brutal,' those scenes which, I will venture to say, have not been more painful for the most fastidious of my critics to read than they were for me to describe.
She sat and cried con amore as her uncle intended, but it was con amore fraternal and no other.
The investigation revealed that Cookies con Amore systematically denied overtime pay, rest breaks and meal periods to 73 workers, and forced some of them to sign a statement agreeing to the wage theft violations.
Mezzo forte had been achieved con amore and we continued our crescendo to the main course.
She could sight-read, and she could play, con amore, pieces with those chords that use up all your fingers at the same time.
The illustrious designer had created exotically edgy costumes for Bojart on a dozen ballets that were re-created for the show, Grazie Gianni con Amore, performed by Bejart Ballet Lausanne (above).
III) e piu in generale tutti quei filosofi-teologi del XII secolo che dell'eros in quanto "amore [salvifico] che viene alla carne, da altro" (47) si fecero via via neoplatonici cantori; per approdare all'ormai scialba personificazione "di tutti i nomi che dicevano la trascendenza dell'uomo a se stesso" (88), cioe a quella Raison a carattere scolastico-allegorico che Jean de Meun pone dinanzi al suo Amante in alternativa a Nature, e di cui l'Amante-Durante del Fiore intravede la consustanzialita sapienziale con Amore (cap.
Luckily for us the work of selection and decipherment has not been left to some supercilious academic, but has been discharged inside the family con amore by the poet's daughter.
Sunday, May 4 "Da Italia, con Amore - From Italy, with Love" 2:00 p.
No con amore, dolce, vivace, on the music score - no mere words in print - could indicate how.
Bea Tusiani's memoir Con amore gets its title from her Italian-born and bred mother-in-law, who claimed that her beloved son married Tusiani for love: "Maichino e Beatrice si sono sposati con amore [.
Up to that time I had worn oilier girls' costumes, but now I was in the corps of a new work by Lew Christensen called Con Amore.