con job

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con′ job`

an act or instance of duping, swindling, or persuading by deception.
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CON JOB FOR VILLA Conor Hourihane pounces to net Aston Villa's third goal, cheered by John Terry (right)
In the case of LoopX, it appears the money put forth by investors is gone, along with the company itself in what appears to be a classic exit scam-a con job where a company accepts money for a service that it never intends on providing.
DFA officials may not have heard these rumors spreading on the ground, so whose con job is it?
Calling it a con job and a Trojan Horse full of giveaways to the wealthy, Senator Markey vowed to vote no on the tax bill and to fight future Republican efforts to attack Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
AaAaAeAa[cedilla] - I also pointed out the con job in the creation regarding the val of EUR 300,000 (for visas) or 500,000 (passports) since we have now the phenomenon of having a sales of a unit say for EUR 400,000, but the applicant claiming that its value is 500,000.
PROPER CON JOB Conor Chaplin watches his shot hit the target to double Pompey's lead
I have written before about strangers calling up landlines to fish for information that they may use later in a con job, particularly the dugo-dugo scam.
PLASTIC Sky Movies Premiere 9PM PREMIERE Credit card scammers Ed Speleers and Sebastian De Souza (below) fall foul of 'geezers' in sub-Hustle con job hopefully pitched as Catch Me If You Can meets The Italian Job.
Con Job, del Antiguo Testamento, diria que el atolladero de la muerte necesita de un rescate personal, que es la confianza en Dios, el descubrimiento de su fidelidad que puede asegurar mi "mas alla".
35PM Two corporate spies who share a complicated past decide to work together in an effort to pull off the ultimate con job on their bosses - but can they trust each other?
lt;/pgt;lt;pgt; This is the story of a gang of amateurs with a plan a con job at a Goa casino for some quick big bucks.
That's a con job that makes Bodies lukewarm at best.