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tr.v. con·cealed, con·ceal·ing, con·ceals
To keep from being observed or discovered; hide. See Synonyms at hide1.

[Middle English concelen, from Old French conceler, from Latin concēlāre : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + cēlāre, to hide; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]

con·ceal′a·ble adj.
con·ceal′ment n.
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Noun1.concealing - the activity of keeping something secret
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
disguise, camouflage - the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance; "he is a master of disguise"
mask - activity that tries to conceal something; "no mask could conceal his ignorance"; "they moved in under a mask of friendship"
masking, screening, cover, covering - the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it; "the cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft"
cover - a false identity and background (especially one created for an undercover agent); "her new name and passport are cover for her next assignment"
cover-up - concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public
burying, burial - concealing something under the ground
smoke screen, smokescreen - an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure; "requesting new powers of surveillance is just a smokescreen to hide their failures"
stealth, stealing - avoiding detection by moving carefully
money laundering - concealing the source of illegally gotten money
Adj.1.concealing - covering or hiding; "the concealing darkness"; "concealing curtains prevented discovery"
revealing - showing or making known; "her dress was scanty and revealing"
References in classic literature ?
So saying I raised my hat and went upon my way, leaving them still seated behind that concealing hedge.
The place seemed silent and deserted, so he took the opportunity of concealing himself near the spot whence he had seen Oolanga trying to investigate whatever was concealed behind the iron door.
Forgetting his intention of concealing his knowledge of French, Pierre, snatching away the pistol and throwing it down, ran up to the officer and addressed him in French.
Duncan seized a pile of the sassafras, which he drew before the passage, studiously concealing every appearance of an aperture.
Hooper's forehead, and concealing every feature above his placid mouth, on which, at times, they could perceive the glimmering of a melancholy smile.