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a. Formation of a viable zygote by the union of the male sperm and female ovum; fertilization.
b. The entity formed by the union of the male sperm and female ovum; an embryo or zygote.
a. The ability to form or understand mental concepts and abstractions: happiness beyond conception.
b. Something conceived in the mind or believed by a group of people; a concept, thought, or belief: the medieval conception of justice. See Synonyms at idea.
c. The beginning or formation of an idea or plan: She was involved in the project from its conception.

[Middle English concepcioun, from Old French conception, from Latin conceptiō, conceptiōn-, from conceptus; see concept.]

con·cep′tion·al adj.
con·cep′tive adj.
con·cep′tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.conceptional - being of the nature of a notion or concept; "a plan abstract and conceptional"; "to improve notional comprehension"; "a notional response to the question"
abstract - existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment; "abstract words like `truth' and `justice'"
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The Moore City Council has passed a conceptional design for the 34th Street and Interstate 35 bridge project.
For an assessment from a US perspective and early conceptional work on state influence in IGOs, see Timothy McKeown, "How U.
The major conceptional step that was still needed was to say that if the Church lives from the eucharist, then the Church should be patterned as a network of Eucharistic communities, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church now teaches: "The Church," it says, "is the People that God gathers in the whole world.
Two characteristics of utmost importance release themselves from this conceptional reality of being.
Professor Gienapp criticizes the uber-Beardian tendency to discuss interests divorced from the conceptional frameworks in which political actors conceptualize and speak about their desired ends.
Jawad noted that the senior officials have approved a conceptional framework paper on the mechanism of consultation and coordination among the four organizations over the main Arab and Muslim causes such as the Palestinian cause, the conflicts in Syria and Somalia as well as the instability in Libya.
by a conceptional approach of market and customer competence, focused research and extensive formulation know-how.
I want to create comfortable journeys from the known to the unknown," he says, "so people feel less scared about contemporary or conceptional art, things they find complicated because they are complicated.
In premature infants, the nasal-temporal gain depends on post-natal rather than conceptional age.
The fourth and fifth chapters are dedicated to presenting and arguing for Reiman's conceptional linchpin: the concept of structural coercion through private property.
beyond the State: Conceptional Outlines and Empirical Explorations,
Conceptional input parameters (Vp and Vs), as the average sets of each type of well (see table 2) were modelled with the Matlab[R] (Matrix laboratory) programming, using empirical relation based on the locally derived Greenberg-Castagna parameters (Castagna et al.