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1. A matter that is of concern.
2. Reference, relation, or importance.
3. Anxiety; worry.


1. rare affair or business; concern
2. archaic a matter of importance


(kənˈsɜrn mənt)

1. importance or moment.
2. relation or bearing.
3. anxiety or solicitude.
4. a thing in which one is involved or interested.
5. interest; involvement.
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1. The fact of being related to the matter at hand:
2. The quality or state of being important:
3. Curiosity about or attention to someone or something:
References in classic literature ?
Now having a night, a day, and still another night following before me in New Bedford, ere I could embark for my destined port, it became a matter of concernment where I was to eat and sleep meanwhile.
But, says an old writer, "he was so busied, belike about matters of higher concernment, that Spenser received no reward.
But when to their feminine rage the indignation of the people is added, when the ignorant and the poor are aroused, when the unintelligent brute force that lies at the bottom of society is made to growl and mow, it needs the habit of magnanimity and religion to treat it godlike as a trifle of no concernment.
A collector recently bought at public auction, in London, for one hundred and fifty-seven guineas, an autograph of Shakspeare; but for nothing a school-boy can read Hamlet and can detect secrets of highest concernment yet unpublished therein.
He pointed out that the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee is monitoring with concernment the decision of increasing the rates of benzene fuel.
The concernment of T wave alternans with cardiomyopathy identifies the vulnerability of these patients to ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death.
14) Christopher Blackwood, A Treatise Concerning Deniall of Christ: A subject of most high concernment for all those who intend to follow Christ (London, 1648; Wing: B3104).
2013), "The impact of different types of concernment on the consumption of organic food", International Journal of Consumer Studies, vol.
should count it their duty, as such, to put forth Manifesto's, and make Reply's to States and Armies, in things of Civil concernment, relating to the Publique Affairs of Nations.
12) in order for this to happen, to debate public issues that concern the public goods, an ongoing communicational effort from public authorities, a coherent governmental action, and a constant and noticeable concernment from the state's part is necessary.
The small number of consumers may be ascribed to the fact that their concernment is obvious and does not need further explanation.