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Noun1.concert piano - a grand piano suitable for concert performancesconcert piano - a grand piano suitable for concert performances
grand piano, grand - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs
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The recital celebrates the gift of a new concert piano for the cathedral.
I hope we will soon be able to announce that we have sufficient funding to buy a concert piano.
30am: Great Hall, Swansea University Bay Campus | Presteigne Festival Tour Concert Piano Recital - Tim Horton (piano) Box Office: 01792 475715 | 12.
Electronic auction: delivery of a concert piano for the mbu do dshi number 2 in khotkovo at 141371, moscow region, khotkovo, lenin street, 4
It would be lovely to have a great concert piano by one of the great makers like Steiner or Yamaha.
Bosendorfer's concert grand piano is one of the world's largest and most sought after concert piano.
Once my eyes became accustomed to the low light I made out the outlines of an aged concert piano.
Video artist Anton Hecht put a concert piano at Stand T in Newcastle's Haymarket Bus Station, and invited passengers to play a handful of notes each from Beethoven's famous Moonlight Sonata, with their efforts building into an edited film.
Raymond, 60, who played concert piano around the world, has Pick's disease, which is like Alzheimer's.
The 5-week tour included appearances at New Zealand School of Music in Wellington, University of Canterbury in Christchurch (NZ), Nelson School of Music (NZ), All Saints Anglican Church in Howick (Auckland, NZ), Radio New Zealand in Wellington, University of Canberra College of Music (Australia), St John's Hall in Robertson NSW (Australia), and Frank's Cafe in Greymouth, New Zealand (where the concert piano was a classic Fender Rhodes 88).
The 7' 3” concert piano requires nearly 1,000 hours of labor to create.
In addition to the full concert piano score, there are several paragraphs of notes about the two pieces, including the text of the original poem, "Clair de Lune, by Paul Verlaine in French and English, thought to be a source of inspiration for Debussy's famous piano solo.