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Noun1.concert-goer - someone who attends concertsconcert-goer - someone who attends concerts  
consumer - a person who uses goods or services
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Moments before the incident, John could be seen screaming "f**k off" repeatedly at one concert-goer.
I READ the article in the Mercury regarding yet another selfish concert-goer looking for a refund from the Town Hall for being asked to sit down.
Plus there is the issue of car parking; no concert-goer wants to spend time driving around in a fruitless hunt for a space to leave their vehicle - or park streets away from the venue.
Using the InVenue[R] mobile app, the festival organizers will be able to scan a QR code created in the Digital Passport and offer the concert-goer additional stamps for food or merchandise purchase.
A concert-goer caught the incident on video and posted it on Instagram where it could be seen that he was becoming increasingly irritated by the fan's demand as he approached the crowd.
I have been a regular concert-goer since the Hall opened, but since taxis are no longer able to drop off and pick up at the entrance, I'm afraid those days are over.
At least one concert-goer said she had gone to Hyde Park for the music and not to support the anti-poverty message.
That would be my 5-year-old niece, Miri Henerson of Van Nuys, a veteran Wiggles watcher and concert-goer who, on a recent Tuesday afternoon, agreed to interview Murray Cook on my behalf, with an occasional assist from her father, Matthew Henerson.
But one concert-goer said: "We were expecting the glamour of Atomic Kitten - instead we got a wee bald guy pretending to be Freddie Mercury.
One concert-goer, Eifion Williams, from Flint, said: ``You can understand how the atmosphere changed.
The local Plattsburgh newspaper estimated each concert-goer spent $250 in the area - between tickets, food, gas and sundries at welcoming local stores - adding $20 million to the local economy.
The level of sophistication was mind-blowing," the Daily Express quoted one concert-goer as saying.