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The collection and study of mollusk shells.

con′cho·log′i·cal (-kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
con·chol′o·gist n.


(Zoology) the study and collection of mollusc shells
conchological adj
conˈchologist n


(kɒŋˈkɒl ə dʒi)

the branch of zoology dealing with the shells of mollusks.
con•chol′o•gist, n.


1. the collecting of shells.
2. the branch of zoology that studies shells. — conchologist, n.
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the branch of zoology that studies the shells of mollusks. Also called malacology. — conchologist, n.conchological, adj.
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The collection and study of seashells and mollusk shells.
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Noun1.conchology - the collection and study of mollusc shellsconchology - the collection and study of mollusc shells
assembling, collecting, aggregation, collection - the act of gathering something together
malacology - the branch of zoology that studies the structure and behavior of mollusks
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Some experienced conchologists are now sinking many of the very fine species of D'Orbigny and others into the rank of varieties; and on this view we do find the kind of evidence of change which on my theory we ought to find.
We shall, perhaps, best perceive the improbability of our being enabled to connect species by numerous, fine, intermediate, fossil links, by asking ourselves whether, for instance, geologists at some future period will be able to prove, that our different breeds of cattle, sheep, horses, and dogs have descended from a single stock or from several aboriginal stocks; or, again, whether certain sea-shells inhabiting the shores of North America, which are ranked by some conchologists as distinct species from their European representatives, and by other conchologists as only varieties, are really varieties or are, as it is called, specifically distinct.
This research was often aided by local conchologists, many of them women collectors (Williamson 1894).
Beaches covered with exquisite shells washed up from the Caribbean attract shell aficionados - or conchologists - from across the world looking to discover and add to their collections.
Freaks are much sought after by conchologists (people who study mollusk shells) and serious shell collectors with a penchant for the grotesquely gorgeous and the weirdly wonderful.
There must be hundreds of square kilometres of potentially suitable habitat in Abu Dhabi, and a tiny proportion of this area has been examined by marine biologists or conchologists.
Identification of freshwater snails is of value to zoologists, malacologists and conchologists because of their role as intermediate hosts of the larvae of a variety of trematode parasites.
Additional material and travel support was provided by student grants from Conchologists of America and the Southern California Academy of Sciences to E.
Whether they are of Ulster provenance or not, ornithologists, botanists, geologists, hill walkers, conservationists, entomologists, poets, conchologists, farmers, town planners, teachers, historians, limnologists, marine biologists, woodland managers, gardeners, politicians, clergy, zoologists and others will find much to interest, delight (and concern) them in the pages of this beautiful book.
A minimum of specialized terminology is used, making the book accessible to general readers as well as conchologists and ecologists.
They have been the subject of fascination throughout human history and well sought after by conchologists and shell lovers.