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Of, relating to, or generated by a council: a conciliar appointment made by the governor; conciliar edicts.

[From Latin concilium, council; see council.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) of, from, or by means of a council, esp an ecclesiastical one
conˈciliarly adv


(kənˈsɪl i ər)

of, pertaining to, or issued by a council.
[1650–60; < Latin concili(um) council + -ar1]
con•cil′i•ar•ly, adv.
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As the church and the empire constituted a single social unit, Emperor Justinian I (483-565) had enacted much legislation affecting the church, but this legislation had not been conciliarly received.
In the twenty-first century a major challenge to a body like the World Council of Churches (WCC) is to connect with local expressions of Christianity and somehow offer them input and influence as the great issues are debated conciliarly, the alternative being a highly fragmented witness that risks being dissipated and ineffective.
The work done has shown that if the will were there, union between episcopally and conciliarly ordered churches in Scotland is possible.