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Expressing much in few words; clear and succinct.

[Latin concīsus, past participle of concīdere, to cut up : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots.]

con·cise′ly adv.
con·cise′ness n.


(kənˈsaɪs nɪs)

the quality of being concise.
syn: See brevity.
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Noun1.conciseness - terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words
terseness - a neatly short and concise expressive style
اقْتِضاب، اخْتِصار
gagnorîur stíll


[kənˈsaɪsnɪs] N concision [kənˈsɪʒən] Nconcisión f


, concision
nPräzision f, → Exaktheit f


[kənˈsaɪsnɪs] concision [kənˈsɪʒn] nconcisione f


(kənˈsais) adjective
brief but comprehensive. a clear concise statement.
conˈcisely adverb
conˈciseness noun
References in classic literature ?
D'Artagnan, from being himself on all great occasions extremely concise, did not draw from the general's conciseness a favorable augury of the result of his mission.
While the two had been going along conversing in this fashion, the curate observed to Dorothea that she had shown great cleverness, as well in the story itself as in its conciseness, and the resemblance it bore to those of the books of chivalry.
Thitherto English prose had seldom attained to thorough conciseness and order; it had generally been more or less formless or involved in sentence structure or pretentious in general manner; but the Restoration writers substantially formed the more logical and clear-cut manner which, generally speaking, has prevailed ever since.
It contained half a line, in a hand perfectly British, and with a conciseness as perfectly Spartan:
Inspector will report to the Contract Manager and must follow his/her direction and instruction at all times achieved Qualifications/Experience/Competencies Required: business requirements communicate clearly and have the capacity to remain calm and courteous in dealing with clients accuracy and conciseness and as part of a team
One of the topics is improving sentence and paragraph construction to ensure clarity and conciseness.
Hanson went on to say that while this will be an area of great legal dispute in the future, once a biologically inspired entity achieves conciseness, he believes "it is only right" that it should be treated as a living being.
We welcomed the informality and conciseness and confirm that the process significantly brought down the normal cost of this rural rent review dispute.
Foukara said she wanted to show a natural conciseness through the piece and saying it was "beautiful that so many volunteers and art lovers, visitors and hotel guests helped create the art," with the location chosen for its natural beauty.
Ten Characteristics of Quality Indexes " defines and explores the characteristics of quality indexes: audiences and accessibility, metatopics and index structure, accuracy, comprehensiveness, conciseness, consistency, clarity, reflexivity, readability, and common sense.
These aspects--which sometimes are intertwined--include compliance with instructions, suitability for the audience, content, structure of the text, organization, mechanics, clarity, and conciseness.
But frontman Shaun Ryder is still here, mumbling and grumbling his way through some of the finest steam on conciseness lyrics ever created.