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Uniform in color: concolorous leaves.

[Latin concolor, of the same color (from con-, con- + color, color; see kel- in Indo-European roots) + -ous.]
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3 mm, linear, brown, concolorous (not darker distally), strongly denticulate, the teeth often bifid, linear, appressed to spreading, adaxially pubescent, eglandular, scaly, the hairs up to 0.
This species also is characterized by a concolorous connexivum.
Abdomen pale yellowish grey, with dark, chocolate brown, lancet-shaped longitudinal median band connected to a concolorous, dark posterior quarter with white chevrons (Fig.
5-2 mm in diameter, disk yellow or brown, margin concolorous with thallus Lecanora muralis 2.
The inconspicuous thallus and numerous small, plane, deep reddish orange apothecia with concolorous margins are characteristic.
5 cm thick, equal, solid, velvety to plush-like (but not to the extent of the cap) especially towards the base; light brown near apex, darker brown lower with the base concolorous with the cap.
Lamina rachises pubescent; hairs on the abaxial surface of the laminae gland-tipped; pinna rachis scales entire; rhizome scales concolorous (not black-margined) 36.