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Uniform in color: concolorous leaves.

[Latin concolor, of the same color (from con-, con- + color, color; see kel- in Indo-European roots) + -ous.]
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Basal 3 or 4 antennomeres red-brown to yellow-brown, concolorous with dorsum; distal 7 or 8 antennomeres pitch-black.
Stipe 30-60 x 10-15 mm, central, tapered towards base, concolorous with cap with a lighter upper portion and a darker basal portion, stuffed, context cream colored (Fig.
5-2 cm, concolorous, chartaceous, lanceolate to elliptic, apex acuminate to rounded, margins entire, base rounded, venation penninerved, both surfaces pubescent with tector trichomes; tendrils simple.
Small to medium size species (6-5 mm); concolorous or with inconspicuous markings; winged and apterous forms.
2 cm wide; midrib weakly raised, narrowly rounded and concolorous above, narrowly rounded and slightly paler below, drying somewhat acute and finely ribbed, faintly pale short-lineate below; primary lateral veins 10-13 pairs, scarcely distinguishable from the interprimary veins, arising at ca.
The paratypes are yellowish brown with the head and gaster of the major being slightly darker (the minor paratype is concolorous yellowish brown).
This species also is characterized by a concolorous connexivum.
rosaceus Ahmad and Qadri (2007) in appearance, with corium pale ochraceous or deep red, concolorous with head, callus, pronotum and scutellum and corial spots like small dot with pale membrane but it can easily be separated from it in having parameral second tooth truncated and first gonocoxae with proximal angle concave in contrast to rosaceus having parameral second tooth beak like and first gonocoxae with proximal angles rounded.