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Harmonious; agreeing.

[Middle English concordaunt, from Old French concordant, from Latin concordāns, concordant-, present participle of concordāre, to agree, from concors, concord-, agreeing; see concord.]

con·cor′dant·ly adv.


being in agreement: harmonious
conˈcordantly adv


(kɒnˈkɔr dnt, kən-)

agreeing; harmonious.
[1475–85; < Anglo-French, Middle French concordant. See concord]
con•cord′ant•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.concordant - in keepingconcordant - in keeping; "salaries agreeable with current trends"; "plans conformable with your wishes"; "expressed views concordant with his background"
consistent - (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable; "testimony consistent with the known facts"; "I have decided that the course of conduct which I am following is consistent with my sense of responsibility as president in time of war"- FDR
2.concordant - being of the same opinion
accordant - being in agreement or harmony; often followed by `with'; "a place perfectly accordant with man's nature"-Thomas Hardy
megegyezőösszhangban álló


[kənˈkɔːdənt] ADJconcordante


adj (form)übereinstimmend; to be concordant withentsprechen (+dat)


[kənˈkɔːdnt] adj (frm) → concordante
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You were to have universal concord, and were to get it by eliminating all the people who wouldn't, or conscientiously couldn't, be concordant.
A conceptual model of comorbidity in diabetes suggests that concordant conditions (conditions that share care goals and/or pathophysiology with diabetes) improve diabetes care, and patients with more diabetes-concordant conditions have been shown to be more likely to achieve diabetes metrics (Piette and Kerr 2006; Magnan et al.
In answer to the question as to whether the national consultation could have any effect on the EUs asylum policy, Mr Bakondi said: there is no doubt that such an overwhelmingly concordant expression of views that is not merely based on opinion polls helps and also binds the Hungarian Government in its efforts to resist the exertion of political pressure.
The project area is hosted by cretaceous carbonates and sandstones with exposures of mineralisation being identified in numerous locations occurring in concordant layers.
In this study comparing the percentages of 186 categories of medical conditions seen by general internists in office visits and hospital stays with the percentages of 3,461 questions on IM-MOC examinations from 2010 to 2013, 69% of examination questions were concordant with conditions seen," Bradley Gray, PhD, ABIM senior health services researcher, Philadelphia, and his colleagues said in a report published in JAMA (2017 Jun 13;317[22]:2317-24).
The precision, accuracy, deviations from the ideal projection, Lin's concordant correlation coefficient as shown by NICOLI et al.
For cancer, Cellaria's cell models exhibit molecular and phenotypic characteristics that are highly concordant to the patient.
Mohammad Iqbal gave a detailed presentation to the visiting officers on 'Strategic View, Ongoing Issues and Future Prospects of FBR' in which he explained the functions and organizational structure of FBR with a focus on Inland Revenue Service and dilated on the major problems of taxation system and the concordant issues, challenges and the way forward.
The results in our study are concordant with many studies done in Asian regions where various CNS lesions were found to be more common in males as compared to females.
Further analysis was conducted to compare outcomes from the GEP test and AJCC tool when risk prediction was not concordant.
A table listing the SOP indexes and their concordant FD-ID indexes is available at http://www.
Around the same time, they became concordant with the nascent concept of cyborg as they both represented in themselves and became associated with various types of new technology.