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Harmonious; agreeing.

[Middle English concordaunt, from Old French concordant, from Latin concordāns, concordant-, present participle of concordāre, to agree, from concors, concord-, agreeing; see concord.]

con·cor′dant·ly adv.
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Concordantly in a study conducted in Tamil Nadu, India, among yoga group, 24th week fasting blood glucose mean score was 122.
Concordantly, the function of arthropod pteropsins is not well understood.
Concordantly with the idea of a common direction indicator (heading indicator) synchronising group movement, (magnetic) alignment was more pronounced in groups than in solitary individuals (Hart et al.
However, lactic acid could not be classified due to tissue disintegration after substance application, concordantly observed in all three laboratories.
Concordantly, for Alban Forcione, the humor in Cervantes's narrative technique and the switch of perspectives that it generated is what truly impacts readers of "El celoso extremeno.
They seized the decision on the environment best suited for their learning and growing needs, strived to get along with environment and people harmoniously, and interacted concordantly with environment.
Concordantly, although addition of kinetic changes in slightly increased baseline hs-cTnT > 14 ng/L increased nonevent NRIs due to improved specificity, the impact on nonevent NRIs in patients with higher baseline hs-cTnT was low (e.
This unit concordantly underlies the Otatera Formation (Late Bathonian), consisting of ~170 m of pelecypod coquina with intercalations of spathitic limestone strata; it is regarded as shallow neritic deposit with a subordinate beach component.
Concordantly, a representative panel of OSCC cell lines which were derived from oral cancer patients with various clinicopathological characteristics was examined with different levels of endogenous copper in our laboratory.
Concordantly, I hypothesized that 1) there would be a positive relationship between mindfulness and client perceived empathy; no predictions were advanced regarding which facet would be most impactful; 2) mindfulness and self-compassion would be positively related to session depth (client and trainee); and 3) mindfulness and self-compassion would be negatively related to experiential avoidance and positively related to tolerance for ambiguity.
Only concordantly regulated molecules (also referred to as network nodes) were displayed on the final network, with only those interactions that led to downstream activation.